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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) will step into the White House as vice president on Jan. 20 (Image credit: Renee Bouchard)Kamala Harris has cemented herself in history by becoming America’s first woman, and the first Black and South Asian person, to be elected vice president.

She also made history as the Golden State’s first Black senator and then as the first Black and South Asian woman nominated vice president by a major political party.

She was raised by a village of Black women, and it was the organizing by Black women that led her to victory.

Multiple constituencies, including Black, South Asian, Asian American, have claimed her, and these gestures of claiming also remind us of the tenuous ways in which racialized minorities in the United States experience and assert national belonging.

Her presence augurs the possibility of new connections across racial formations, a horizon of Black-Brown solidarities, of African American and Asian American affiliations, and an affirmation of South Asian Americans within the larger group of Asian Americans.

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