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The United States, the authors report, is no exception to this trend toward an uptick in anti-Asian racism during the pandemic.

This seemingly positive stereotype comes with its own set of problems, including overlooking differences between different Asian ethnicities and added pressure for Asian American youths to conform to a certain ideal of success and hide their challenges.

Stop AAPI Hate, a U.S.-based Web site created in March 2020 to track attacks against Asian Americans, received 1135 reports nationwide within the first two weeks of launching.

For example, two recent reports released by the two groups Stop AAPI Hate and Stop Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Hate Youth Campaign, both looked at the impact of racism and xenophobia against Asian-American youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Journal information: American Journal of Public Health Justin A. Chen et al, Potential Impact of COVID-19–Related Racial Discrimination on the Health of Asian Americans,(2020).

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