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I personally do not believe in subscribing to fad diets, but I have recently started the Mediterranean diet for my family, as it was hailed by the US News and World Report as the best overall diet in 2020 (for three years in a row since 2018).

The Mediterranean diet is simply eating more plant-based food such as vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts, healthy fats, beans, and legumes.

ADAPTING THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET TO FILIPINO DISHESAn “aha” moment for me was when I realized I could follow this prescribed way of eating using our local vegetables, heirloom rice, and seasonal fruits.

SHOW ME SOME BEANSFollowers of the Mediterranean diet subscribe to eating more beans and legumes.

FRIED TILAPIA WITH MEDITERRANEAN SAUCEIngredients:For the Mediterranean sauce:3 tbsps.

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