Skip to content Walmart to stop locking up African-American beauty products sold at its stores

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(Scott Olson/Getty Images)Walmart says it will no longer store multicultural cosmetic products in security cases inside its stores.

“White privilege also extends to haircare products, apparently, in Walmart,” the woman says in the video.

Related Content African-American Woman Sues Walmart for Racial Discrimination Over Beauty ProductThe differential treatment for ethnic products sold at Walmart stores has been raised on social media by Walmart customers multiple times in recent years.

It was also the subject of a discrimination lawsuit against Walmart that was dropped last year, in which the plaintiffs argued storing black products in security cases implied black people were more likely to shoplift.

In its announcement, Walmart said it will stop storing multicultural haircare and beauty products in security cases, but noted most of its stores never did it in the first place.

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