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Term/Phrase:High Fashion Face (高级脸)About the Trend:The phrase “high-fashion face” was coined roughly three years ago in China, and it has been instrumental in shaping Chinese beauty standards for the Gen-Z demographic during this time.

Yet, the so-called “high fashion face” almost directly contradicts those features, with its prominent cheekbones, angular jaw, wide-set eyes, and thick lips.

Additional context:When discussing celebrities whose facial structure embodies the high-fashion face, people typically name a mix of Asian stars that are commonly seen on runways and in films.

Although the phrase “high-fashion face” was only recently coined, the look has been celebrated as the epitome of “Asian beauty” in Western media for nearly a century, despite being underrepresented across East Asia.

The increasing visibility of the high fashion face challenges the narrow aesthetic conventions born out of China’s homogeneous racial makeup.

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