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Latest The Baku Congress of 1920 Sounded the Call for the End of Empire

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Meanwhile, during World War I, several European Socialist parties supported the war efforts of their respective capitalist governments, further entangling those parties in the defense of colonial empires.

According to the Comintern president Grigory Zinoviev, the Baku gathering would serve as “the complement, the second part” of the just-completed world congress.

The call for the Baku Congress, signed by two dozen revolutionary workers’ leaders of Europe and the United States, declared: Formerly, you traveled across deserts to visit the holy places.

On one occasion, a White Guard attack cut the rail line, leaving a train carrying most of the European delegates to the Baku Congress temporarily stranded.

In the Baku Congress, by contrast, while Russian was the main working language, the sessions resounded with translations into many of the three dozen languages spoken by delegates.

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