Skip to content Casteism, Orientalism, and Tokenism: “Indian Matchmaking” and the Failures of South Asian Representation

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upper-class, upper-caste and conventionally attractive) South Asians, she promises relationships that will last forever to satisfy her clients, and more importantly, their parents.

As many critics have pointed out, the show reifies, invisibilizes, and normalizes casteism and classism for South Asians, South Asian Americans, and those unfamiliar with the institution of arranged marriage.

“Slim, Trim, and Educated”By commercializing the institution of arranged marriage, “Indian Matchmaking” is fundamentally complicit in upholding caste supremacy.

Orientalism RevisitedDespite the overtly problematic nature of the show, “Indian Matchmaking” has captured the imagination of South Asians, South Asian Americans, and non-South Asians alike.

Not the Representation We NeedIt is important to situate “Indian Matchmaking” within the larger context of South Asian media representation, and more specifically within a growing canon of South Asian American television and movies.

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