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The City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area – Murder RateThe City of St. Louis (disastrously) withdrew from the County of St. Louis in 1876, rendering the City a member of a tiny minority of U.S. cities which are not part of a county.

Louis” is apparently a device for tainting and tarring St. Louis with the East St. Louis 1917 racially-motivated massacre of black people and the Centreville chronic raw sewage flooding problems.

The case arose in St. Louis, and the St. Louis trial court reached the same conclusion of unenforceability as the Supreme Court ultimately did.

The case arose in St. Louis; the 1850 trial occurred in St. Louis before a St. Louis judge; and a jury composed of St. Louis residents granted freedom to Dred Scott and his family.

St. Louis would have none of it:First, in the category of non-public schools, St. Louis Archbishop (later Cardinal) Joseph Ritter—having only arrived in St. Louis one year earlier from Indianapolis—ordered the desegregation of St. Louis Catholic schools in 1947.

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