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This is an opportunity, and it’s very scalable.”WATCH: Alberta municipalities’ rules about cannabis rules differ1:46 Alberta municipalities’ rules about cannabis rules differ Alberta municipalities’ rules about cannabis rules differHarun’s company produces vapourizers — products that are usually used to consume cannabis medically.

READ MORE: Department of National Defence establishes recreational cannabis policyOther major Canadian cannabis producers export to countries such as Portugal, Malta and the U.S as well.

Under the new laws, Canadians will only be permitted to purchase fresh or dried cannabis, cannabis oil or plants and seeds for cultivation.

Afzal Hasan, president and general counsel for the legal cannabis investing firm CannaRoyalty, is even less optimistic about the impact of Canadian cannabis legislation on the sector’s growth.

“Canada has an immensely hamstrung and restraining set of regulation around cannabis products,” he said.

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