Skip to content China Fears US Could Sell F-35s to India; Ready To Launch H-20 Strategic Bombers

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China could launch its own stealth bomber, the Xian H-20, by the end of this year as fears of the possible sale of F-35’s jets to American allies in the Indo-Pacific region rises.

Tensions are already flaring up in the region due to activities by both China and the US in the South China Sea (SCS) and Strait of Taiwan as earlier reported by the EurAsian Times.

The US has already sold around 200 F-35’s to Japan and South Korea and this could push Bejing to launch its stealth bomber ever soon.

The poor handling of the coronavirus by China as well as provocative activities to claim the South China Sea has seen a rise in anti-China rhetoric around the world.

With the international image of China at an all-time low, and commissioning a nuclear stealth bomber could make it worse.

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