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Meet Dr. Chinua Akimaro Thelwell, an Interdisciplinary Scholar on Race and Place :Dr. Chinua Akimaro Thelwell has always found college classrooms to be one of the “few spaces in American society where people could have honest and informed conversations around race and racism.”When entering the higher education space as a professor, Thelwell wanted to incorporate those ideas and conversations into his teaching.

At William & Mary (W&M), some of his research focuses on Afro-diasporic history, Asian American history and the history of the idea of race.

“So, what I do is take these marginalized histories and I recirculate them in ways that are empowering to those students.

But also empowering for all students.”Thelwell also teaches the “History of Hip-Hop,” in tribute to his childhood identity and fascination.

Seeing his passion and wanting to encourage reading outside of school, Thelwell’s mother gifted him books on hip-hop every birthday and Christmas.

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