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Related Story The 21 Most Influential TV Series Of The 21st Century, So Far“Jane The Virgin” The CWLet’s be clear, the picks by Deadline’s TV team also in no way dim the bright lights of true originals like Jane the Virgin (2014-2019), Orange Is the New Black (2013-2019) and The Good Wife (2009-2016).

With that, here are the 21 most influential TV series of the 21st century, so far:HBOIt’s a crime that The Wire was never awarded the respect, the viewership, or the boatloads of Emmys it deserved when the Baltimore-based saga was on the air.

Now heralded as the greatest TV series ever in prestigious circles, maybe the HBO series broke too many rules then, turned too many tables on the drug game, the media, the cops, civic government and public schools.

Fusing hyper-relevant social issues impacting the Black community, sci-fi and horror, the HBO series served us a family drama in Jim Crow America through a fantastical H.P.

The series redefined TV series noir with a surprise first-season twist no one saw coming, and was a harbinger to a Trump-intoxicated, bitcoin-obsessed culture.

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