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SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco’s Asian Museum of Art unveiled 3 new commissions that will be exhibited to the public in autumn 2020, including a mural by Chanel Miller, the survivor who Brock Turner assaulted in a highly publicized sexual assault on Stanford’s campus in 2015.

In a video interview with the Asian Art Museum, Wofford described some of her inspiration behind the mural:“Pattern Recognition incorporates cheerful bold colors, graphic patterns, and comic-strip speech bubbles as a way of paying tribute to the intertwined creative legacies of Asia and Asian America.

The patterns and motifs reference varies craft and design traditions from the Asian Art-Museum collection as well as neighboring Asian communities.

The speech bubbles name-check various Bay Area figures from Asian American art history.

In the first panel, the character is depicted balled up on the floor crying, with the words “I was” above it.

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