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But the issue of harm — top-of-mind for international students grappling with the issue in real-time — has garnered more attention thus far from affiliates and potential amici.

In one recent high-profile case, Burroughs found Harvard students’ testimony convincing.

More than 50 colleges and universities — including Brown University, Cornell University, Princeton University, and the University of Pennsylvania — also filed an amicus in support of Harvard’s motion for a preliminary injunction Sunday.

The member schools’ brief also notes that the new guidance issued by ICE will place “significant burdens” on international students — an issue Harvard focused on in its own filings.

“The number of institutions speaking out on behalf of international students demonstrates the breadth of support for international students and the appreciation of the immense contributions they bring to all our campuses.”Advertisement—Staff writer Camille G. Caldera can be reached at

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