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Comparative racial analytics reinforce how minority groups perceive each otherAs the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread globally, with more than 3.2 million confirmed cases as of May 2, racist and xenophobic sentiments toward minority groups continue to spread with it.

She defines social death as the result of certain minority groups being ineligible for personhood, as race is understood through categories of devaluation.

Though overwhelmingly negative, the process of social denigration can be improved by forcing ourselves to evaluate the mechanisms behind racial minority groups’ perceived social values.

Although the “model minority” myth encourages Americans to view Asians as a somewhat “less” oppressed racial minority, the xenophobia cited here proves Asians are not any closer to racial equality.

By examining our determinants of social value and the lawful enforcement of racism, minority groups can be encouraged to dismantle the cycle of devaluation.

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