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AdvertisementThe Turkmen government is reaching new levels of absurdity, this week lashing out at a Russia-based TV channel for mentioning a coming heatwave borne by hot winds blowing from Iran and Turkmenistan into Tajikistan.

The Turkmen called the report “professionally illiterate” and “politically incorrect.” Ashgabat interpreted the weather report as a direct insult, apparently reading between the lines and determining that the Tajik reporter was accusing Turkmen winds of carrying the coronavirus into Tajikistan.

Absolutely no one outside of the Turkmen government is warning that hot winds blowing across a border, crossing thousands of miles, could potentially transport the virus.

On July 12, the Turkmen Health Ministry recommended mask wearing to protect individuals from increased “dust” in the air.

Subscribe NewsletterWe’ll have to see what excuses Turkmen authorities concoct once the hot winds of summer die down.

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