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Three NC State College of Education faculty members are hoping to help educators teach toward an anti-racist future through a white paper aimed at middle and high school English Language Arts teachers.

Collaborating across differences allowed the paper to present a discussion of anti-racism from multiple perspectives, thus creating different entry points into anti-racist ELA teaching for educators.

“Collaborations and conversations with White educators and educators of color allow me to examine the complexities and articulate how and why we need an anti-racist future,” Lee said.

In turn, how can teachers dismantle these myths?’”Through their collaboration, Falter, Alston and Lee developed five steps that can help ELA teachers work toward becoming anti-racist educators: Listen and reflect, read, interrogate, act and repeat.

“We hope that this document can provide middle and high school ELA teachers, English departments and schools, a course of action, and also a recognition that this work is never done and it’s not a quick fix.”Paper

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