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Los Angeles County immediately requested 6,000 National Guard troops within 36 hours, and Bush agreed to deploy federal troops within 48 hours after the riots erupted.

At the height of the operations, a combined 13,500 troops from the USMC, active component soldiers, and California National Guard were deployed to the area.

Photo: Dave Gatley / Los Angeles TimesMarines at a staging area at Alameda and Elm streets in Compton, South Los Angeles, on May 3, 1992.

Photo: Karen Tapia / Los Angeles TimesWhile Los Angeles has a history of civil unrest and the 1965 Watts riots required 4,000 National Guard troops to help suppress the disturbance, the 1992 riots were on a much larger scale.

It became accustomed to the military presence and continued to send new requests for military support instead of reducing the support it was already receiving.

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