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Jiahua says the incident upset her.Rob Buscher, a University of Pennsylvania professor of Asian American studies says, “We didn’t see the spike in anti Asian violence, until President Trump started saying Wuhan Virus, China virus.”

“Chad Lassiter of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission says, “The virus of hate is scapegoating the Asian American Pacific Islander community as the ones that brought about the coronavirus..and that’s not true.

He says, “The conversations that people were having about the Muslim American community or the Mexican American community in 2015 were the same conversations that people were having about the Chinese American community in the 1880s, or Japanese Americans in the 1940s.”

Buscher and others are also optimistic this could be a teachable moment for all communities, “not just to combat anti Asian racism but to work together.”

Next month it may be someone else and we have to stand in solidarity with Asian Pacific American Islander communities.

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